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We help you think and act strategically

Scopi is the strategic planning and performance management software that integrates objectives, projects, and tasks.

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Everything you need in one place
Create business models based on the CANVAS method with a friendly user interface that is easy to understand.
Use SWOT, GUT and PESTEL, to identify what interferes with management and how they relate to your action plans.
Use balanced scorecards (BSC) or objectives and keys results (OKR) to create strategic maps that track yout team's performance.
Track your goals with key performance indicators (KPIs).
Create and control projects, GANTT chart and e-mail notifications. All in the deashboards.
Create action flow processes that automatically reprogram deadlines.
Track your and your team's tasks, projects and process.
Strategic Diagnosis
Business Model

Create business models based on CANVAS methods, with a friendly interface
that is easy to understand.
Strategic Diagnosis
Use SWOT, GUT and PESTAL, to identify factors that interfere with management related to your action plans.
Mapa Estratégico
Strategic Map

Create Strategy Maps and visualize the performance of the whole organization, using or not the BSC or OKR methodologies.

Performance Indicators

Know if goals are being achieved and visualize in graphics the whole historic of the key performance indicators (KPIs).

Project Managment

Create and control projects in dashboards, GANTT chart and warnings per e-mail, following the hole execution.
Process Managment
Create processes with an action flow that can be automatically programmed with next executions deadlines.

Tasks Managment

Follow your individual and team´s tasks, so as projects and process tasks. .
Strategic Managment
Have all in one: SWOT, Strategy Maps, KPIs, Projects, Processes, Tasks and People.
Have your plans in hand

With Scopi App you use your strategic map while tracking your KPIs, projects, tasks and your team.

Strategic planning app
Abre Aspas
It has a huge value for us to see organizations improving their management using Scopi. In addition to assisting in the creation and execution of a planning, it helps to create a strategic management model. People are more integrated, focus on goals, processes and results. This is how we achieve quality, productivity and sustainability.
Marcos Kayser
Scopi Co-Founder
Marcos Kayser
Frase sobre planejamento estratégico Scopi foi o grande vencedor do Prêmio Nacional da Inovação de 2012
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