Our purpose is to help people and companies think and act strategically.



The human being is of action. It acts, reacts, creates, constructs, destroys, many times, without first analyzing the various ways of acting and their consequences. Going without doing the least planning generates rework, loss of quality and opportunities, frustration, waste of time that does not come back. The human being is also a being who dreams and the realization of a dream begins in his planning.

We believe that the habit of planning makes society and the planet a better place to live and work. More organized, cleaner, more cheerful. That’s why we created Scopi, to help you think and act strategically, creating the culture of planning. However, there is an indispensable requirement for Scopi to work: an engaged manager who can make his team aware of the importance of planning to get into the routine. If you believe in the strength of planning, welcome to Scopi!

Our Beliefs

1. The customer is the main reason for our existence: Without the customer there is no company and more than meet their needs, we must make deliveries that exceed your expectations and win your loyalty.

2. Knowledge is the starting point of our work: Knowing what to do, how to do and what to do. Know what the customer needs and master existing technologies to produce consistent solutions.

3. It is not enough to know, you need competence to do: Only knowledge is not enough. It is necessary to do with speed and quality. However, every action requires care so as not to put confidence at risk.

4. Winning the trust of the client is a reward: The qualities of our Platform and the ethics that guide our conduct are determining to establish a relationship of trust with the client.

5. Collaboration makes it all easier: Create a collaborative relationship between the stakeholders, knowing how to listen to the customer, and then create what they really will help you.

6. Creativity makes us special: Creating the new, the different and better than we have already done, motivates us to work even more, in a continuous movement that produces evolution.

7. Commitment is a must: Responsibility and discipline in the performance of our duties is a daily obligation. Commitment that we also have with our mission and with our beliefs.

Global Strategic Planning Software

Scopi operates in more than 20 countries around the world, bringing efficiency and competitiveness to companies around the world through Strategic Planning.

Imagem mundo Scopi

“The realization of a dream begins in your planning. A dream without planning, is born dead.”

Foto Marcos Kayser CEO Scopi

Marcos Kayser – Co-founder Scopi